Planning Tools

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basic planning tool

My philosophy is that a trip should be well planned so that you don’t have to spend your precious travel time figuring out what to do and how to get there. That doesn’t mean I advocate planning all the spontaneity out of your experience. For example, my plans might be to go to Odaiba one day. I will know ahead of time how to get there and what there is to do there; but, we’ll decide what we want to do when we get there.  Some things like visiting the Ghibli Museum, however, must be arranged in advance. This is definitely good to know ahead of time.

Whether you plan to make all the arrangements yourself or get a travel agent to make them for you, with just a little effort, you can design the trip that suits you best. This section is where you will find the tools you need to do that. Your biggest expense will be airfare so this is where I recommend you begin.

Finding a Flight to Japan

Once you have your flights booked, you know exactly what dates you will be traveling. Now you can check out possible places to stay. Although I would book a flight as soon as you find one at a good price, you want to wait on booking lodging until you have the whole trip worked out. Just in case you change your mind.

Finding Lodging in Japan

If you have picked out some great places to stay near the things you want to see and do, you are ready to connect it all with ground transportations. If you prefer renting a car, I can’t help you. Public transportation in Japan will take you almost anywhere you want to go and personally, I’d rather look out the window or talk to people. Plus, I admit, driving the left (wrong) side of the road is stressful.

Public Transportation in Japan

These are the most important things you will need to plan your trip. These are the necessities. Still, information is power and I plan to grow this section with things like language, food, and packing tips. So check back often, as I will add to this site.