Change of plans!

kira-and-trevorSometimes life intervenes and things don’t really work out the way you had planned. That’s what happened to the trip we were planning for Hokkaido in the summer of 2014. Now it is the summer of 2015 and my daughter, Kira, and her boyfriend, Trevor, are planning a trip to Japan for spring of 2016 after she graduates from college. Finally, I have something to share on this blog!

They already booked the flight and the room for their 3-week stay in Tokyo. They checked the flights via Google Flights and found a flight that fits their budget. They booked their accommodation using Airbnb and are super happy with the home they will be staying in.

Now they are thinking about what they want to see and do while they are there. They know they will visit the Ghibli Museum, Akihabara and Odaiba. But there is so much more to see and do in and around Tokyo. More to come about their plans…

How much will airfare cost?

tokyo-airportThe biggest expense when traveling to Japan is airfare so I need to look at this first. I open an incognito window in Google Chrome and check Google Flights.

I enter my home airport of SFO and my destination airport as NRT, for Narita. Hit enter then click on the little bar-graph symbol. You will get a graph of the daily lowest fares. Then you can scroll through and look for the shortest bars. The lowest fare I find is $894 and there are 5 days in July when I can fly for this price. I’ve tried this a number of times and the low fare days change. So far, though, they have been on either a Monday, Wednesday or Sunday. I could book from here but I’m not ready to yet. When I am, I will take the date I get from Google Flights and search around for the best price.

Here are some search engines to try. Today I did find fares even lower than $894. The lowest I found was $791 which is great but, like I said, I’m not ready to buy today and one thing I can count on is that prices will change.







japan_map_islands copyOur next trip, summer 2014, is in the planning stages. We want to visit the island of Hokkaido—the most northern island of Japan; and, we also want to go back to the Disney parks. That is it for our wish list and a good starting place for trip planning. A big consideration for this trip is money or the lack of it. So I will be researching ways to make this trip as economical as possible