kurama temple path

Pathway to Kurama Temple
in Kyoto

When I travel overseas, I keep a journal so I can remember details that I might forget after awhile. I know I kept a journal when we went to Japan the first time in 2006 but I can’t find it. It was a relatively short trip, just five nights and I do remember a fair amount. This is what I remember:

 2006 Trip to Tokyo

That was a rather short trip and when we left, I couldn’t bear the thought of never returning. So when we got home, I began planning and saving for our nect adventure. This time I wanted to stay longer and venture beyond Tokyo. The next summer we returned and this is that story:

2007 Trip to Tokyo, Hakone, and Kyoto

This trip was wonderful! We were definitely hooked on overseas travel and in 2008 we visited the land of our forefathers, England, and Ireland. But Japan called to us and in 2009 we returned.

2009 Trip to Tokyo, Fuji Rock Festival, Mt. Fuji, and Hakone

I went back to school to study graphic design and during that time we stuck to domestic travel. We went to Seattle, Disney World and Alaska. But we long to return to Japan. So I am learning how to travel overseas for less. Watch for my posts as I plan this trip and later while we are there.