How much will airfare cost?

tokyo-airportThe biggest expense when traveling to Japan is airfare so I need to look at this first. I open an incognito window in Google Chrome and check Google Flights.

I enter my home airport of SFO and my destination airport as NRT, for Narita. Hit enter then click on the little bar-graph symbol. You will get a graph of the daily lowest fares. Then you can scroll through and look for the shortest bars. The lowest fare I find is $894 and there are 5 days in July when I can fly for this price. I’ve tried this a number of times and the low fare days change. So far, though, they have been on either a Monday, Wednesday or Sunday. I could book from here but I’m not ready to yet. When I am, I will take the date I get from Google Flights and search around for the best price.

Here are some search engines to try. Today I did find fares even lower than $894. The lowest I found was $791 which is great but, like I said, I’m not ready to buy today and one thing I can count on is that prices will change.






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