7 Reasons to Visit Japan

So many reasons to visit—the culture, the people, the food, the shopping. What are your reasons for wanting to visit Japan?

  1. Food – The food is delicious and good for you so you’ll have lots of energy to enjoy your stay. Try fresh fish, rice bowls, tempura, ramen and udon. For a quick pick-me-up grab an onigiri in any market or convenience store. Although not traditional Japanese food, they make exceptional crepes. For a sweet treat, try mochi.
  2. Gardens – Japanese gardens are world famous and a must see in Japan. There are gardens at temples, shrines and castles. There are parks that are filled with ponds, streams, hills, groves, flowers, pavilions and tea houses.
  3. Cute Stuff – Japanese pop culture is, well, filled with cute characters and adorable decoration. This includes anime, manga, video games and all the merchandise inspired by them.
  4. Cool Technology – In Japan, their tech gadgets are ahead of the curve. Browse through the shops and stop to examine things and you will marvel at how clever they are. Have you heard of their hi tech toilets? Our hotel room in Tokyo had one!
  5. Rich Culture – Japan has a unique and, in some cases, ancient culture. Everything from their language, arts, cuisine, architecture, and clothing has a Japanese flavor. For a real insight into their history, visit a preserved historic town, participate in a festival or take a tea ceremony lesson.
  6. Public Transportation – Like most things in Japan, their public transportation systems are very efficient. Not only do they cover almost everywhere you might want to go, but they are clean and always on time.
  7. Wonderful People – You’ve probably heard that Japanese people are very polite. This is true. They are also very honest—they will run after you to return something you dropped, even money. In Tokyo, they especially admire all things American. Outside Tokyo, while you may be an outsider, a gaijin, you will still be treated as an honored guest.